The Railroad to the Afterlife
The Railroad to Hell are laid with good intentions.
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The Railroad to the Afterlife, is the first idea I had and it’s original version of witch the Wallachian Library is based on. There was a crucial point (a technical one) in the story that made me switch tracks to The Wallachian Library, but after some practice I’ve decided to give this old story another chance.

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Nice looking castle! Loving it!
Looking forward to what you create next.
Look forward to see where this goes!
Thanks! It's not what I originally had in mind but I think it will work :D
Nice cover--great atmosphere!
OK, some good news, I've been thinking a bit so I've decided to scrap my original idea (mostly due to time constrain). The comic will resume normally for now.
As a side note I will be adding the chapter number to the page.
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