The Railroad to the Afterlife
The Railroad to Hell are laid with good intentions.
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The Railroad to the Afterlife, is the first idea I had and it’s original version of witch the Wallachian Library is based on. There was a crucial point (a technical one) in the story that made me switch tracks to The Wallachian Library, but after some practice I’ve decided to give this old story another chance.

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I'm not what people think I am, and I'm not going to be what people want me to be.

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that's not disturbing, nope, not at all, you swallow spiders in your sleep all the time, yup, nothing to see here folks.
somehow that reminds me of something I've seen or read,but I can't remember what.
first thing I thought of was Philip Jose Farmer's 'Image of the Beast/Blown' but it's not the same at all
I have a large scar from a brown recluse bite
People think I'm scared of spiders now but I just hate them
One this size should squish very nicely ;)
Oh... uhmmm... I would suggest you skip the next couple of pages... sorry... I don't like spiders in real life as well... and I just realized that... all my comics are a collection of my fears... strange.
Those of us suffering from arachnophobia are silently cursing at you right now...............

well, now we know who wins in the spider vs scorpion match...

nice one, instantly reminded me of this scene ;)