The Adventures of Scar and Roomba
The Adventure of Scar And Roomba; a very interesting story line
Last update: 3rd Jun 2013, 2:03 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Two young protagonists, Roomba and Scar, must journey to the top of Sunrise Mountain to get the sacred "Internets". They must overcome many challenges, and face their nemesis, Sathan, countless times. Will they ever actually make it to the top of Sunrise Mountain? Or will they get bored and go back to fighting crime?


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I too do panel-to-panel. Great work on the art.
Roomba goes by both Stella and Roomba just so you guys know~
Author Note
Page was draw by Scar
Author Note
This page was drawn by Roomba(The second page was too x3)
Author Note
Apologies for the bad art in this, I can't seem to be able to draw this week! I can normally draw a lot better, I promise you that. -Roomba
Author Note