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Nate, a fishmonger in a small coastal town, has feelings for Sebastian, a merchant's son about to set sail with his father in search of a spring with miraculous powers.

After being abducted into a pirate crew one morning, Nate fails to see just how the situation could get any worse, until he realises exactly which ship they are hunting...

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Your friendly neighbourhood avian, and local chicken expert. Also, still a loyal supporter of our lord and saviour, Legs.

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Awarded by the great Clanjack Farlo for being an acceptable human. (That's right, I'm human, I swear)

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Water. Right, that is keyword for "give me the strongest stuff you have here" followed by the publican's frowned face like you just seriously offended his fine establishment ;)
Mel Cormac
Seb does kind of look like he just got mansplained at, now I look at it again
He is captainsplaining!
I see this as The Captain trying to force a bonding moment by explaining something... That Seb already has extensive knowledge of.
Author Note
I suppose that's not impossible here, either.