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Nate, a fishmonger in a small coastal town, has feelings for Sebastian, a merchant's son about to set sail with his father in search of a spring with miraculous powers.

After being abducted into a pirate crew one morning, Nate fails to see just how the situation could get any worse, until he realises exactly which ship they are hunting...

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Your friendly neighbourhood avian, and local chicken expert. Also, still a loyal supporter of our lord and saviour, Legs.

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At least it is one of those curses you can plan for and prevent it. One year, especially on the sea and hunting supernatural stuff, is not exactly an ample amount of time though :|
I will say there's a certain kind of logic to that. >:D
After having had one week to ponder that, my prediction is now that the lone survivor will be... Antler Guy. ;-)
So here's the page I accidentally uploaded last week XD. Without giving too much away, this is a page to remember for later.
Author Note
Heheheh... They might not be that fortunate... Question is though, curse, or just prediction?