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Comic profile: The City in the Sky
The City in the Sky
Life in a community in the clouds
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 2nd Aug 2017, 11:11 AM
Number of comics: 32
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Comic description

It's the 2nd half the the 21st Century. Climate Change has changed the way most communities have had to live. One adaptation to Climate Change is Breath City. If local weather conditions are going to be in flux, local crops may need to change. What if you could move the farmers, researchers, their support teams and everyones' families to where the climatic conditions are right for the crops you want to grow?

Breath City is a collection of large airships. The envelopes are covered with solar cells to provide power to the engines and to charge the batteries. Each gondola has at least two levels and each level has possibility of extending one (or more) bridge(s), on both the port and starboard sides, to connect with other airships.

What's it like to live and work in the sky?

I aim to update Sundays (UK time).

{edit 4th July 2017}

In order to give realistic projections of climate I am using:, CMIP3, A2 model, 2060-2079, initially at Guelph but will move it when I give Breath City a firm location.

Written by HiFranc, story edited by Joelle.


I like webcomics, webfiction, cycling, writing stories and, when I can afford it, travel. My ambition is to write a novel and publish it.

I studied Physics with German at university.

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2nd Aug 2017
This isn't going as well as I thought.
Left on Hiatus
16th Jul 2017
I'll try and get something up later this week.

Had medical problems problems this week but feel a lot better now.
Left on Hope to get something soon
9th Jul 2017
Sorry, I've been a little occupied this week -- both good and bad.

The bad has taken up most of the week. Had a minor medical problem that I didn't realise was a medical problem until I bumped into a friend who works on NHS 111 so spent the week trying to get that sorted out. Long story.

The good:
On Friday, after work, had a work's night out -- a river cruise on the Tyne. By the time we got off the boat, it was past 11pm and I was so tired I knew I wouldn't be able to safely cycle home so I stopped off to eat in town then walked home. I was shattered yesterday.

Will try to have something ready next week.

Sorry again.
Left on Sorry another hiatus
2nd Jul 2017
I have changed a few things.
Left on Neighbour Part 2
2nd Jul 2017
Again, I did make some edits that have not gone past Joelle.
Left on Neighbour