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The Dark Museum
Classic Victorian Horror
Last update: 12th Jul 2015, 6:01 PM
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Welcome dear friends to the London Museum of the Paranormal. Established in 1692 the museum houses the foremost collection of haunted and paranormal objects in all of Europe. Allow our fine staff to show you around that you might observe some of these amazing objects firsthand.


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His is a great comic. I love the art. I hope we get to see the carnival again.
Aaaand this is how you know it's time to start running, never looking back.
I think this is how many people dream about getting a great job. Just casually sitting around at home, and suddenly the phone rings with the offer of the job you have always wanted.
In my experience this never happens, it's even worse in horror comics where getting what you want often turns out as something horrible.
Author Note
Fire is a theme throughout the first few issues.
He's the only smart one.