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The Demon Inside
Brothers and a town of Monsters
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Two boys that realize that the world of fiction and fantasy is real, and they are right in the center of all the action. As if High school, AP testing, and sports championships weren't bad enough!


My name is Bells, caffeine and comic books run through my veins and heavy metal is plays in my head!

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Yeah, that's right, I'm back!
let's pray we keep it like that.
Author Note
I already knew this but you still get all the hugs , now that your not sick
So....I know I’ve been gone for like more than a month but I have a great reason why. I got COVID-19. Yeah that was an experience...I was...it was a trip. I’ve gotten out of the funk but I am still recovering and I have not forgotten about this comic! I try to work on it but by bit. But if you were worried where the comic has been I’ve been with the rona.
Author Note
so I forgot this weekend was Christmas, I don't plan this. my bad. But I swear. next week! you're getting a comic. I swear.
Author Note
Your back! You get all the hugs