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Brothers and a town of Monsters
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Two boys that realize that the world of fiction and fantasy is real, and they are right in the center of all the action. As if High school, AP testing, and sports championships weren't bad enough!


My name is Bells, caffeine and comic books run through my veins and heavy metal is plays in my head!

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5th Jan 2020
First comic of the year!!!!
Left on Ben's not a cat person
30th Dec 2019
I love drawing this cat.
Left on Stare contest-GO!
8th Dec 2019
Last week was Thanksgiving and I was so wiped out. Now I'm in the finals. God help me.
Left on that's nasty.
24th Nov 2019
Lee eats so much garlic his sweat stinks!
Left on He LOVES his roasted Garlic.
17th Nov 2019
Google "a man happily eats soup", "Happy Salad eating" and "HEman" then you get pannel 3.
Left on Man Happily Eats Soup.