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Comic profile: The Hub Book
The Hub Book
A Crack in the Universe
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
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Last update: 4 days ago, 11:00 PM
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Comic description

This story takes place in the world of the Hub which I have had the great pleasure of reading and even playing in for these past several years.

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CGI Artist and Old school RPG-er enjoys making art and telling storys ( creator/Artist For Datachasers and LunaStar )
Trust me, I'm a human.
Amateur writer and one time user of trueSpace. Dang you microsoft!

Most recent comments left on The Hub Book

4 days ago
Character building, Oh my!

Sometimes, doing nothing action oriented is the best thing ever! And we learn things about them that way we would never learn otherwise.
Left on Horses and Ice Water, Oh My!
5 days ago
I would note that Aria agreed with Ann's thoughts on charity. Or at least did not argue the point!

Now, Aria is showing her knowledge of ruling and what she picked up in her discussion with Ann about what kind of government there is here. One of my regrets is not bringing Aria's knowledge base into the conversation more often. The intelligence behind those eyes dwarfs most people in comparison. Granted, she is only beginning to really learn how to use her mind now, as she is finding ways that she can apply it effectively to get real results. Back on the HUB she really did not have any challenges to look forward to, except those that she allowed for herself where she deliberately impeded her ability to do something.

Now? Now she is looking at limitations imposed upon herself and unable to do anything about it. Needless to say, she is not handling this well.
Left on Ann's Thoughts on Charity.
8 days ago
And yes, Ann is glad her Aunt is with her while she is shopping. This is a scary place knowing what she knows. And it would not take much to make Ann disappear someplace she might never come back from.
Left on A Plan Is Coming Together. Good Thing Chrys Has One!
Lurker314 (Guest)
9 days ago
Twice Named.
Left on Chrys Shows She is Inventive.
10 days ago
So, this is what a Named can do after some time. She is innovating on her own and doing her best to be useful using her own natural abilities. Many Named are not independent enough to do that. But then they did not get Named by Andrea who gently pushed Chrys to be this way.

We also learn how common horses are on the HUB. Which is to say, not.

There is lots of character building on this page. And a few foreshadowing. Anyone catch them?
Left on Chrys Shows She is Inventive.