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The Remnants
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Last update: 14th Jan 2018, 3:16 AM
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Humanity has lost the last battle of a genocidal war with a powerful alien race. Marooned on an alien world, a survivor of the war searches for others while being hunted by the enemy.

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Cool to see it's back :D

wow where did time go? o.O
William Montalvo
Still thinking about bringing this back. I have a ton of work now, but I think I've grown a lot as an artist since I was working on this back in 2015. I think I could do it justice now... :-)
Author Note
Ahh. Clean beautiful art.
William Montalvo
If I were to bring this comic back, I might manage it all digitally. Decided to make a piece to work out how I would do it... pretty happy with how this might look actually. Borrowed a lot of style points from Fiona Staples' Saga series. This is just a test image though.
Author Note
William Montalvo
LOL, I may just get back to this project!