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Last update: 26th Mar 2020, 1:38 AM
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A tale as old as time... With a bit of a twist.

When Basil Digby steals a rose from a horrifying beast, he is presented with a demand: to send his eldest daughter to live in The Beast's castle as payment. Naturally, he declines. And- fearing what would happen if word got out- The Beast refuses to let him leave.

Whilst his daughters try to figure out what to do, Basil finds himself in a world of enchanted eggcups, magic mirrors and talking animals. And a beast, who may not be quite as beastly as he initially seems.

The Rose Thief is a retelling of Beauty and The Beast.
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Your friendly neighbourhood avian, and local chicken expert. Also, still a loyal supporter of our lord and saviour, Legs.

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Awarded by the great Clanjack Farlo for being an acceptable human. (That's right, I'm human, I swear)

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It's ok, the horse can't hear ya!
Yeah, The enchantress gets let off the hook a little too much in adaptations!
That's a good quote! XD And thank you!
Thanks, I had great fun drawing him XD
Hey guys, I thought I'd do a little post, seeing as this is related.

If you liked this comic, why not check out A Bargain Made, an illustrated story written by Lilbluebox? It's a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, with a tough and clever protagonist. (Hey, it's about time someone in that story had some brains!) It's also set just a little before The Rose Thief, in the same universe.

Here's the link. Once again, thanks for reading, guys!
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