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Lay your woes to rest.
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The Sepulcher is an Anthology of comics all set in the same universe, you can find brief descriptions of each comic here.

Interred, the first comic:
Deep in the Dark Woods is the River-Village of Black Briar; a small, closely knit religious community of River-worshippers.
On the eve of the Maidens Festival, a dark presence looms over the village.
A presence determined to set right the wrongs of two hundred years.
Remember, in all legends lie a single grain of truth.

Oh, Mountain Lord, a one shot:
There’s a quaint little alpine lodge found high in the Bjrit mountain range. It is host to warm drink, warm food and warm hearth; all ran by an odd little family…


A person with too many thoughts and not enough time to draw them

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I knew it *clutches blanket*
Author Note
It is,,, a lil possessive
That doesn't sound too good... almost as if he's gonna be kept.
The Alolan PokeNerd
I'm glad that Torum was offered a second life of sort- that all of those folks were