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Comic profile: The Under
The Under
A webcomic about the (REALLY) little guy.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 1:45 PM
Number of comics: 70
Number of subscribers: 54
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Comic description

Everyone knows that Smol is a worthless, tiny goblin, including Smol. Everyone, that is, except for Fate.


Nothing to see here.

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They'll pick the tunnel to the right, that's my guess.

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Fabian W.
Fabian W.
Of course I hope hope this won't be in fact the last update - but if yes, then that would be quite ironic...
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Matt Comics
Matt Comics
Pretty sure Smol's motivation to be someone is rock bottom too.

Of course there has to be a fork. I wonder which path they'll choose...
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Sorry this was super late. My motivation to draw is rock bottom right now.

Apologies if this is the last update, I'll try to push through it.

Oh, and I corrected numerous errors which most people didn't notice.
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18th Apr 2018
Haha, it pleases my researcher brain so thank you!!
Working hypothesis, really. Hypothesi? These? Thesuses? Bleh.
I used to keep a track of such stuff in the past in a sheet complete with true/false ratio but it was an unimportant pain to manage so now I just spam people, LMAO :D
Now I am just going to probably repeat some guesses every other page, haha, to keep track.
I just think we do not really know what the ring "thinks" if that is even important.

I admit I have not thought of LotR at all :O
And it is such an obvious reference as well! I had Frostmourne (WarCraft 3) and pretty much most Warhammer 40k artifacts on my mind.
I would argue LotR is not even the right reference because there the One Ring just exploits your greed for power which is a curse but I think it does not directly speaks its opinions unlike the Lich King or the Chaos Gods.
Of course, this related to my comment, not the ring here.
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