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A webcomic about the (REALLY) little guy.
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Everyone knows that Smol is a worthless, tiny goblin, including Smol. Everyone, that is, except for Fate.


If you want to chat, feel free to send me a PM. If you have ideas for a short something, I'm always open to ideas for collaboration.

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Tiger Snake! That is really adorable :>

That turned out to be a good decision so maybe little one has good hunches without even knowing it sometimes!
Hey, maybe Kain's death can shake up the bounty hunters a bit...
I chucked at this. "Why is the main character with us? WHAT DOES HE DO FOR THE PARTY!?"
And it turns out I misread her line. Somehow my eye skipped over the "me" that was there & I thought she was wondering why Smol was part of the group. D'oh!
Like a Smolatov cocktail?
Yeah, but Kain was all like, "She's dangerous, don't let her in!" and Smol was just going with the flow at that stage, but still said, "Y'know? I want Fyre to come with," then Fyre came with and Kain was unhappy and no one knew why Smol stood up for Fyre. It was a thing.