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Last update: 6th Oct 2018, 9:24 PM
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This is an archive of the old version of my comic, and a place to show off any fan art I've received.

-Reboot of comic in progress-


The artist of Thomas and Zachary. Come and say hi if you'd like
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome
I am the brother of TheMario360, the creator of Thomas and Zachary on Comicfury. I play a lot of games, and soon intend to make my own!

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Thanks. Means a lot.
It is a good comic. I do wish you both the best in the coming year.
Shut up Bob lol
I'm back!

I've been gone a long time, but, I'm ready to get cracking on the comic. I'm now aiming for an early 2019 release, but, it might be sooner depending.
Author Note
Mr. Awesome
To add onto my brother's post:
The reason this update was made was because with everything going on, it's made it virtually impossible to guarantee that the comic reboot would come out in 2018, with how much work we still have to do, and what little time left in the year we have left to do them.

Make no mistake though, it WILL be still be worked on, it's just that we will no longer be able to promise a 2018 release.
Author Note