Three People Get It
A non-story-based comic strip of randomness
Last update: 3rd Sep 2021, 6:10 PM
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Ripped from real life, and from the sick, twisted confines of my own head, 3PGI is a comic about everyday happenings and silliness. The artwork sucks, but hopefully the humor prevails.


Over-the-hill computer hacker.

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This made sense when I first published it... in about 2011
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This is absolutely horrible. I had pulled it from my old site, but against my better judgement I'm reposting it here.
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I actually created this as a response to another artist's posting/strips. It was a fun exercise, and I had to stop myself. This could be MUCH more involved.
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Okay, this one is different. It's the second one which is a true story (modified to fit within the confines of a six-panel format). The other is my March 4, 2011 installment. I went to my three kids (roughly 15, 12 and 10 at the time) and said "we're going to Candy Mountain!" and it pretty much progressed as shown here, with my eldest catching on first, then my middle, and my youngest not getting it until THE MOMENT.

It was awesome.

They still cringe when we drive by Walgreens.

Two homages here: That's an "S MART" (Army of Darkness) and the mom's comment, "All I hear is a faint buzzing" was originally said by the pointy-haired boss in a Dilbert cartoon.
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The bathroom stalls at work are always full of people playing games on their phones.
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