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A cliched webcomic about games, life, and the whole world in general.
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This webcomic dedicates itself to parodying the funny and illogical parts of games. It also sometimes dabbles in the problematic lives of the average (or rather extreme) gamer. You'll probably need an acquired taste, but give it a try, you might just like it.


I'm awesome, let's leave it at that.

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I feel like this needs a third part conclusion with slenderman.
You'd think the fact that he has a face, would've made it obvious.

Also, yes that's two comics in a row about Agent 47 being compared to Slenderman. Why?
It's simple really. I was brainstorming scripts for the idea, and came up with two that I really liked. Rather than choose between them, I chose both. Admittedly I could've spaced them out a bit, but I was feeling a bit lazy.
Author Note
Let's face it, the biggest difference between them both is that one has a face and the other has a barcode.
Author Note
It's true. That's how you get the best ending.

Also, isn't it annoying how some people think that Clock Tower 2 is actually a 3D remake of the original Clock Tower, just because they decided to name it Clock Tower instead of Clock Tower 2, because the original Clock Tower was never localized?
Because I find that annoying.
Author Note
Fun fact, this script was written years ago to prove to someone that I could come up with something funny on the spot. I kept the script in case I ever found a use for it, and just recently adapted it slightly to fit into the characters of Steve and Doug.

Also, I can't be the only one who finds it sad that McDonalds sells salad and water. I mean, who goes to McDonalds for a "healthy" meal.

Speaking of healthy and McDonalds, what's with all of those people who go out of their way to prove that fastfood like McDonalds, is unhealthy?
I've heard several stories of people leaving McDonald Happymeals out for years, and it not rotting, as though that proves that McDonalds is unhealthy.
Firstly, that doesn't prove McDonalds is unhealthy, because I can name plenty of healthy food that also doesn't rot, such as anything that's pickled.
Secondly, everyone already knows McDonalds is unhealthy! That's like proving to someone that the sky is blue! If they don't already know that, then you're wasting your time trying to convince them!
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