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Comic profile: 20 Quid Amusements
20 Quid Amusements
A cliched webcomic about games, life, and the whole world in general.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago, 11:00 PM
Number of comics: 323
Number of subscribers: 11
Visitors: 88514 visitors (400683 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (26 votes)

Comic description

This webcomic dedicates itself to parodying the funny and illogical parts of games. It also sometimes dabbles in the problematic lives of the average (or rather extreme) gamer. You'll probably need an acquired taste, but give it a try, you might just like it.


I'm awesome, let's leave it at that.

Most recent comments left on 20 Quid Amusements

skal (Guest)
4 days ago
"double negatives"
It is confusing. Maybe I should start answering with true/false instead of yes/no?

And it gets even worse: "don't need no" (example: "We don't need no water.")
What the heck!?
Left on How they first met
5 days ago
Well I had to do this at some point.
Eventually I'll have to show how Steve met his wife.

Also, if you don't get the joke, think of it as responding to a question like "Are you not coming with me?" if you respond with "Yes" then that could mean "Yes, I'm not coming with you" and if you respond with "No" that could mean "No, I'm not coming with you". Basically, a yes or no response both yield a negative, due to the way the English language works.
Doug has used this to his advantage by including a double negative in his question, which adds further confusion.
Left on How they first met
12 days ago
I don't mind that the game is a mindless button masher. But come on! Why can't you have a tournament worth of matches, with the cards you get, being used to allow you to choose your fighter? That would have been awesome!

Although it seems some people are much happier just collecting useless overpriced cards.
Left on One Round
4th Sep 2018
Well this pretty much sums up my thoughts on this disappointing game.

I've already complained about it in much more detail in my other The Escapists 2 comics. So I'll spare you the details here.

I will never cease bashing this game though. Simply because no one else seems to be doing it!
Left on Escaping Fun
28th Aug 2018
I really wish this was a ridiculous over exaggeration, but it isn't. It's only slightly exaggerated. The show is pretty much like this all the way through. It's like watching one long commercial with actors who are waaaaaaaay too into the products they're selling, and who also have no idea about anything when it comes down to electronics and gadgets, so they get impressed by the simplest of features.
Left on Everything is awesome