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Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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A ballbusting, femdom, superhero, comedy.


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Quite the simple solution. Break his staff using his 'staff' until he can longer shoot anything from that staff.

I mean his portal staff, of course, what other staff could they possibly break that would make him unable to shoot anything else:

An excellent demo of his villainous powers! I hope they're paying attention.
“get hooked”
what a great way to have a ball while becoming positively hooked on the superheroines!
“right on!”
Nothing like an uppercut to the nuts!
Repeated uppercuts to look like juggling!
Toss them back and forth with your hands!
Test their moves with slaps, smacks, swats, stacks, smashes, spats, stamps, stomps, stands, slams...
Rework any song, game, or toy for bb, cb, & tb.

Bop-It works easily, of course!
Trouble, Sorry. [some of these don't work as well].
Stress test!
Cup check!
Sack tap!
Bag bash!
Tug of war!

Test of strength! [complete with steel piece, hammer, structure, platform, stand, and bell!]

Shooting game! [Use his big "sacks full of water" to spray his hose and fill up the tank, mouth, belly, prop, etc.] [or spray one guy's hose into or onto a woman's parts, or with target practice, or something]

Get the frog on the lillypad!
Toss the beanbag into the hole. [Widen his d-hole to be big enough for the beanbag, ... first; or toss him by his beanbag into the hole [ass, dick, mouth, vag] of somebody you do not like, or that you do, if you are playing with a friend!]
So many possibilities for carnival games!
Whack a mole, of course.
The one where the gators come out of their slots.
The claw game!

Oddly even making guitar hero or any other game through use of the guy's balls, penis, sack, etc.

Sorry, but I have a tendency to go off on topics.
“ph, yeah!”
Constantly hot, silly, wacky, weird, zany, and funny! Makes me wish I could go back and read all the comics that I favorited back in the day. Not many of them have busting, though! You, pecan, knave, and maybe just a few others for ballbusting, c-busting, t-busts, and that sort of thing.
You really got me going, ... but you don't have me where I can't sleep at night. [that part's just due to bad time-management and forgetting to monitor my actions, time, net-use, and those sorts of things.]