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A creature of myth and legend, even to other creatures of myth and legend.
Last update: 12th Aug 2020, 4:25 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Voidchild is an action-packed story about magic and heritage, loss and resurrection and the very real possibility that you are the reason for the end of all existence.

Follow Mary Walker, our young heroine as she ventures through life and the fictional city of Victoria to find purpose and come to terms with her divided legacy.

(or follow it to see an Author who didn't have a clue how to draw as he struggles to develop into a fully fledged comic artist just so he can tell you this story)

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I've always had an interest in comics, ever since I was a kid. Not just reading and looking through them, but the medium as a whole. I suppose it follows that this interest also nurtured a passion for story-telling. Mind you whether it's the most original or not isn't what's most interesting to me, but how well it's told. Regardless of the medium.

The Voidchild Project began as an idea for me a long time ago. I'd dabbled in writing but always found myself losing steam and ending up with half-finished stories that didn't pique my interest. The ideas were there, but the method through which to tell the story always eluded me.

Enter my personal renaissance of comics. For fun, I tried to type a two-part story arc set in the middle of my imaginary story-land in the form of comic book scripts. 100+ comic scripts later, I felt assured I'd found and returned to my medium of choice.

The only problem was that these stories were still just that, scripts. A stepping-stone. I realized that I'd need someone to draw them up for me. Very soon I also realized that it was unreasonable for me to expect someone to dedicate themselves to this tale of mine with the same fervor as me.

So I thought "screw it", I'll draw it myself. Afiinity and experience be damned.

So what you see before you is the very first actual attempt I myself have made towards learning to draw. I think you'll notice pleeenty of mistakes and I aim to get better as time goes on and hope this'll show in my future work.

But most of all, I've realized just how much fun it is to make a comic, learning to draw and getting to tell a story of my own. That's what keeps me going.

Hope you'll enjoy it a tenth of as much as I'm enjoying myself making this.

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I’m very bad, first time I’ve checked in here since becoming a dad. New role doesn’t permit as much time drawing as before. I plan to figure it out, but it may be some ways off still. I may flag the comic as on hiatus for a bit.

Appreciate the check-in though and I hope you’re doing well. :)
*Knock, knock* Hello? TVP? Is anyone there?
I read another very good superhero comic where they stated just this! =D
Oh dear oh no no no D:

It's always like that, right? They check in every direction, but forget the ceiling ;)
Thank you, glad you like the cliffhanger.

And yes, As for who found who the court rules in in favour of the monster clad in shadows from the opening scene. ^_^