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Webcomic profile: Wargyrl
Powered by voodoo and driven by fury, two women fight the empire of Kaiser Adolph the First in the heart of Kongo
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Content flags: Violent ContentNudity
Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 1:00 PM
Number of comics: 472
Number of subscribers: 96
Visitors: 374339 visitors (2261062 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.96 (242 votes)

Webcomic description

‘Wargyrl” is a steampunk adventure set in the late nineteenth century in an Africa scattered with the temples and the mysteries of an ancient alien race, the Chuthlus. The German Empire has invaded Kongo and is digging for gold and selling thousands of slaves to Dixee, Kyuba, and Brasill. The daughter of British missionaries, Penelope Darque teaches children of every race at the New Concept School, and her sister, Gideon Darque, works as a trail-guide and prostitute; but both women can call on the power of voodoo to transform themselves into human predators and fight the Germans as the Wargyrls. Wargyrl contains nudity, violence, and mature themes.


Dan Willmore and Peter Tan, creators of Wargyrl

Most recent comments left on Wargyrl

Guest (Guest)
3 days ago
Whoa! That left a mark...
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 32
Peya Luna (Guest)
4 days ago
yes dude, you´re just as mortal as all those poor guys+gals you slaughtered.
....and don´t worry, queen - compared to him, you and your sister are downright saints. sheer numbers aside, YOU don´t slaughter the innocent
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 32
Mysak (Guest)
5 days ago
My hope was the captain will kill Purity in acident (as itvlook on previous slide) ... This will be more funny ...
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 31
Brother Parus (Guest)
5 days ago
"Master Mendicant"
You should never ringading a Hellqueen.
(see "His Majesty the Policeman", by Richard Merle "Lord" Buckley)
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 31
6 days ago
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 31