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Comic profile: Wargyrl
Powered by voodoo and driven by fury, two women fight the empire of Kaiser Adolph the First in the heart of Kongo
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Content flags: Violent ContentNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 1:00 PM
Number of comics: 446
Number of subscribers: 94
Visitors: 348142 visitors (2070680 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.96 (233 votes)

Comic description

‘Wargyrl” is a steampunk adventure set in the late nineteenth century in an Africa scattered with the temples and the mysteries of an ancient alien race, the Chuthlus. The German Empire has invaded Kongo and is digging for gold and selling thousands of slaves to Dixee, Kyuba, and Brasill. The daughter of British missionaries, Penelope Darque teaches children of every race at the New Concept School, and her sister, Gideon Darque, works as a trail-guide and prostitute; but both women can call on the power of voodoo to transform themselves into human predators and fight the Germans as the Wargyrls. Wargyrl contains nudity, violence, and mature themes.


Dan Willmore and Peter Tan, creators of Wargyrl

Most recent comments left on Wargyrl

Peya Luna (Guest)
looks as if penny is about to receive news of her ransacked quarters....and i agree with einstein, that meteor is way to powerful to play around with!
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 07
"NEW Voting Incentive October 30, 2018"
NEW Voting Incentive October 30, 2018On the evening of October 30, 2018, we went ahead and replaced the voting incentive for Wargyrl. This month we have a new image from an artist from Singapore who uses the screen name Sylverarts. If you go ahead and click on the banner link for TopWebComics above, you will raise our rank on Then we will show you a NEW image of our characters which we created to reward readers like you. Thanks for helping us with this.
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 07
Techs (Guest)
That sounded more like satire than a real human. The news for the past 2 years tells me otherwise. Hopefully such people are as rare as Nazis but the votes have said otherwise. These people are unfortunately having children.
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 06
kel (Guest)
2 days ago
It's sad people are still fighting Civil War nearly 200 years later. If "Tennessee Coats" wants to talk about southern history, then talk about the ENTIRE history and not the parts you like. I will never understand how a group of people descendant from slavers and thieves smile with pride about being losers. "Tennessee Coats", the south LOST. Period. End of story. Like the 3rd Reich, your racist, bigoted, slave society with never again see the light of day. Most people who lose wars don't like to talk about it. Most people are not U.S. Southerns! They still bitch and complain about the Civil War. Still wishing for the days when white people were large and in charge and black people were slaves... Yeah right. Ever wonder why the Southern States (outside Texas and Florida) are so underdeveloped educationally, culturally, financially? Why the Southern States are the ranked at the bottom of nearly EVERY list in America? Driving through some of the Southern States (as I have done) is like going back in time. An America that never got passed the Civil War (if not the 1950's). I believe it's the Southern's rigid belief in the "Glory of the Civil War" and Southern slave culture. "Tennessee Coats" is a prime example of this. Everyone in America is living in the 21st century while the "Tennessee Coats" of the South are living the past. Forget "Tennessee Coats" and keep writing Wargyrl! I didn't like Wargyrl at first. I felt you made light of slavery and the "colonization" of African by Europeans. But over time, Wargyrl grew on me and I want to see what happens. Don't be afraid of a descendant from group of people too lazy to pick their own cotton! "Tennessee Coats" doesn't own history... including his own!
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 06
StarSword (Guest)
3 days ago
"Dat letter"
I think that letter runs straight into Poe's Law: I can't tell if it's the comic writers' joke, the letter writer's joke, or serious.

Either way, speaking as somebody with VERY deep roots south of the Mason-Dixon Line, "Tennessee Coats" is a moron.
Left on Wargyrl Issue 08 Page 06