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Powered by voodoo and driven by fury, two women fight the empire of Kaiser Adolph the First in the heart of Kongo
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity
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‘Wargyrl” is a steampunk adventure set in the late nineteenth century in an Africa scattered with the temples and the mysteries of an ancient alien race, the Chuthlus. The German Empire has invaded Kongo and is digging for gold and selling thousands of slaves to Dixee, Kyuba, and Brasill. The daughter of British missionaries, Penelope Darque teaches children of every race at the New Concept School, and her sister, Gideon Darque, works as a trail-guide and prostitute; but both women can call on the power of voodoo to transform themselves into human predators and fight the Germans as the Wargyrls. Wargyrl contains nudity, violence, and mature themes.


Dan Willmore and Peter Tan, creators of Wargyrl

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ah, so wargyrl is supposed to do what she does best - cause havoc+chaos - to draw all (german) attention to her, so that hellqueen can sneakily free the slaves. clever plan, ladies!
Noise to conceal any sounds she make but the smoke might suffocate her.
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Author Note
no wonder hellqueen has taken this part - wargyrl is many things, but stealthy is not her style ;-)
Stealth plays an important element here.