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Comic profile: Wildflowers
A Transgender Webcomic
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 12:00 AM
Number of comics: 1856
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Rating: 4.85 (26 votes)

Comic description

A web comic about love, life, and trying to comes to terms with being transgender. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, and always an attempt at a honest look at transexual life.
Updating every day, including weekends!


Most recent comments left on Wildflowers

Before I get in to anything here, I have been informed by a knowledgeable and trusted source that Rock and Roll, possible Rock 'N' roll, is not noise pollution. I highly recommend researching this on your own terms. Additionally, it makes good, good sense. Do not take my word for it. Further to this, as it will outlive cockroaches, humanity, and the heat death of the universe, the claim has been made that Rock and/or Roll will never die. It will survive. Yes it will. So I would say to look in to this as it may become relevant.
And then I am struck by the harsh reality that Korea might actually have nuked the entire planet by this point and everything I am doing right now instead of playing Diablo 3 is sort of a waste of time.

What's this? The second half of the year? Does it fall in line with the actual second half of the year in a high school? I HAVE NO IDEA! But it does here! And Annie should TOTALLY change with Flint. And by change, I mean, have a lot of sex that makes them both very happy and probably confused but mostly happy.

Is that how this chapter will go? NOPE. Fuck this chapter!
Left on Doozy
2 days ago
Orcas are my spirit animal! They eat the livers of sharks and peace out and let the shark die. Thats hardcore!
That was a lie. I'm a bear. Sort of a useless animal that enjoys sleep and sometimes swats salmon out of streams and lives a lot longer than it should and enjoys mountains and mauling people to death. Specifically, a mother bear. Yeah, I know, super generic choice and all that. I would have thought wolf, but nope, I'm not a pack animal. I like my family and everything else is getting raked by 6 inches of paw-based fury. Plus, I'm like 600lb and park rangers shoot me if I come in contact with humans. I was in Calgary last summer visiting the RMitch (pictures on facebook) and we went to the zoo. The only animal that 'got me' was the big freaking grizzly. I wanted to hug it. Like, let it eat me. Clearly, this is the way I need to die. I'm pretty much ok with that being the end of things. But like, in the wild, because they it won't be shot or anything. I want to bring home a grizzly cub and teach it to be my friend. I want my son-like-object to ride a grizzly.
And yet my friends named me the Annephant. Because I never forget and I crush small nations under my oversized feet. Which is sort of a family thing. My grandmother on my dads side was in to elephants. I used to buy her crystal elephants from a shop in Strathmore, Alberta. Guess we need to breed some sort of elephant-grizzly motherfuckin bearodactyl?

What is your spirit animal, fellow little monsters? I know CuteDress will say Annie. Are you saying Annie is an animal? HMMMM.

Also, yes, dig in to Fight Club's cinematography and you can learn a lot. There are so many things that the movie did right but was still accessible. Even if you ignore the script entirely, watch it on mute, and there is light and dark-- seriously. Just.. it was so good. Also a good story in my opinion, but focus on the Erica analysis and you will have your MIND BLOWN!
Left on First Rule
3 days ago
Funny, I am actually trying to figure out who the smartest person in the school is. Who is your money on? At least, for end of year valedictorian anyways? In our school it was an asian guy named John. He was the smartest, the fastest, he played sports, he volunteered. He is basically a godchild incarnate. And what I say he was good, you have to keep in mind that in high school I could life a car with my legs (I biked a lot..) and he was the only one who could match me. Dude was a monster. I assume he has cured cancer by now.

Who do you think is the smartest in the school? Not that our main characters are graduating so they can't be valedictorian.
Left on Scores
4 days ago
It is canon. The math teacher with the grey (gray) shirt is named Teachy McTeacherpants.

What isn't canon is if teachers are allowed to do this. Fun fact - Lindsay Shepard.
Left on TA
5 days ago
It is hilarious how stupid little goals can keep people alive. Like knowing a test score. Or fixing those fucking Vantiv Core pinpads at San Dimas. Hey, I am a private citizen and I don't give a fuck about representing anyone anywhere, Vantiv core can lick whatever nut-like objects exist and get shoved and other things that I can't properly express. I literally had nightmares last night because your provisioning team was so useless for two hours of my life the previous day. TWO HOURS. That is time I will never get back. And it still isn't solve because you don't know a deployment TID from an MID from a xpl TO SAVE YOUR LIFE. Mercury was bought out by your stupid faces? GAH!

Anyways, yes, stupid little things keep us alive. Like my insistence on people coming to Vancouver and getting slurpees before they off themselves. Heck, I'm out of debt, I will buy you a bus ticket.
Left on Worried