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Comic profile: Wildflowers
A Transgender Webcomic
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Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 12:00 AM
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Comic description

A web comic about love, life, and trying to comes to terms with being transgender. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, and always an attempt at a honest look at transexual life.
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Frame 4 is easily the least actiony panel of all action comics of all time. Look how utterly disinterested he is in in this fight. Good thing Annie is going to break his fucking nose tomorrow.
Left on Cup
4 days ago
I'm sure everyone wants to know what happens on Monday's post, but I would rather talk about today's because it is more important in every way.

For the last two years of posting (seriously, I average 5-6 pages for every 1 of Annies days), Bree has been in Annie's life. Bree has never lied, because she hasn't had to. She has told Annie to run, but Annie didn't.
Bree knows full well what she is. On the outside, she is beautiful. On the inside, she is a monster. The opposite of Annie. Bree is a sociopath. She hurts people, and she knows she does.
This doesn't excuse anything Bree has done, but it is very important to know that people will hurt you, and it is not always because they are bad people. It might simply be because of how they were programmed. A sociopath is just what they are. You cannot fix it or alter it. Society overall had tried, it just doesn't happen. Which is sad, because it means people like Bree can have a spark of humanity, and never be able to reach it.
I spent the past two years trying to make Bree a better person. Until I realized that, this isn't how it works. She can't have a change of heart because she CAN'T have a change of heart.
You can hate her. Maybe you should hate her. Is that fair? Fuck no. It is fair that we are trans and unfixable? Fuck no. People hate us for what we are. We hate Bree for what she is. It isn't fair to anyone that unfair shit just happens.
There have been a lot of TV shows and movies about causal mental health relationships regarding upbringing. I know my upbringing had an impact on me. I would say my mental health conditions were of bigger importance though. Does that mean that the bully at school is just being abused at home? Not necessarily. Does it mean you can reach them? Not necessarily. But it means that they probably aren't being a jerk just to be a jerk.

I've been sociopathic in my past too. I work very hard not to be. Mine is not because of whatever is driving Bree. It is because I fail to feel emotions how other people do. It is all very complicated. And the end result in the same - what is happening in Annie's life.
Left on Tandem Timeline
5 days ago
Technically Bree has never lied.
Left on Audio File
6 days ago
And.. uh. .what is about to happen?
Left on Recording
8 days ago
Funny thing about suicide. It sometimes makes other people chase it.
Zora already had her own demons. And she finally had Cindi, and then lost her.

A lot of older people look at teen stuff and say 'well, if you just keep at it, it will get better'. Problem with this entire thing is that this is all the teens have ever known. They haven't had the ups and the lows that old people have. Trying to judge a teenager by the standards people in their 20s have is just stupid. Or people in their 30s judging people in their 20s. I've been around a long time now. I've seen some things. I've seen the ups and the downs. I can't in good conscious tell people it will get better. Only that it will be different. As a child, we are an unmelted lump, not yet usable. Then we become an ingot, not yet forged, but ready to become something. When we see what we could become and it is naught by horror, it is hard to allow ourselves to be forged. But it we make it through those impossible years to become something shaped and usable, then we can start to understand. Think about it, adults, please. Remember, you were probably just as bad, just as stupid and just as unworldly at the time. You have so much more experience now that they never had. So be good to them. Remember how unforged you once were.
And listen to them.
Left on Zora's End