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Comic profile: YesterdayBound
Tomorrow, meet Yesterday.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago, 2:37 AM
Number of comics: 219
Number of subscribers: 165
Visitors: 337942 visitors (1543528 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (789 votes)


My name is Marshall, and I make the comic series Yesterdaybound.
I've always loved graphic novels, comics, stories, characters and all things imagined. I've wanted to produce my own comic series since... pretty much forever... so i've kind of just jumped in full tilt.

Most recent comments left on YesterdayBound

Just Old Al (Guest)
"Not what it seems..."
That ship is even older than Alice's - how much do you want to bet nothing aboard works right - and the question is who's pushing the buttons?
Left on Episode 3 - Page 31
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(warranty not valid if used in the omega sector)
Left on Episode 3 - Page 30
Thracecius (Guest)
4 days ago
Not armed? A dud? Damaged when it grazed Alice? Too many possibilities so I'm just going to say it was divine providence (otherwise known as author's prerogative). ;)

Oh, and Tara? You're a hoser. :D
Left on Episode 3 - Page 31
5 days ago
you got a new reader and fan,awesome artwork,congratulations.
Left on The Pilot - Title
5 days ago
Better a day late than never, eh?!
Got caught up with a work thing so wasn't able to post this yesterday but HERE YOU GO.

Nothing like a terrible near-death experience to cause one to immediately change their ways, huh Tara?
And speaking of near-death, someone's getting pretty near death outside. Jay and Kate better get on whatever plan they've got cooking ASAP before their luck finally does run out...
And also...
But why aren't they dead?

Hope you like! Thanks for the support everyone and know that you're all awesome!

Left on Episode 3 - Page 31