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Tomorrow, meet Yesterday.
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My name is Marshall, and I make the comic series Yesterdaybound.
I've always loved graphic novels, comics, stories, characters and all things imagined. I've wanted to produce my own comic series since... pretty much forever... so i've kind of just jumped in full tilt.

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This relationship sorta reminds me of an episode of the TV show "Night Court", where Bull is dating an ultra sarcastic blind woman and Roz says offhandedly, "the blind leading the blank". I'll let you determine who is whom in this pair. :D

Also, Alice's expressions are great and very much in character, but I think Anna has an equally admirable display or expressions for us to enjoy. Really, really nice job, Mars. :)

Okay, NOW you can worry about expectations by setting the bar too high for yourself! MUAHAHAHA! ;D
An emotional counter culture rebel who dresses like a hot topic model?! Of COURSE Alice is going to be down with that!
Alice's "attempts at flirting" are about as camouflaged as can be, to be fair. A thin, thiiiin line between actual loathing and romantic intent that would baffle even the most observant psychiatrists, to be sure.
Ah well, at least Anna's relatively thick skinned! If anyone can survive Alice's tidal wave of... whatever it is she does, it's her.

ALso re faces : Thanks! I did thoroughly enjoy crafting together Alice's exasperated expressions on this page, haha

" these two really liked each other"
This ^^
Anna seems to be exactly the kind of person Alice is into. Emotional, honest and capable, or at least thats what it seems. What she was looking for and thought Tara was like (for whatever reason haha)
Anyways Anna drop the attitude and take advantage of the situation that's fallen into your lap (metaphorically speaking... for now)
Or... maybe she did but nobody flirted with her :'(