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Tomorrow, meet Yesterday.
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My name is Marshall, and I make the comic series Yesterdaybound.
I've always loved graphic novels, comics, stories, characters and all things imagined. I've wanted to produce my own comic series since... pretty much forever... so i've kind of just jumped in full tilt.

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I thought that sandbag area looked suspicious. Should have put 2&2 together. Thanks for the update.
“Second floor”
In the window in a ring of sandbags. The weapon is still glowing at the tip and smoldering.
Update : I tweaked the previous page (added some detail so it is more apparent what Anna is seeing) hopefully this is better and more clear as to what's going on :P
Author Note
It's like when Iron Man wears the Hulkbuster armour around his regular armour!
I posted an update above and will be clearing things up with the previous page tomorrow :P
You're supposed to see the little smoke trail of the ambush coming out of the building from where they launched their sneak attack, but it's obviously not coming across as I wanted it to hahaha and I get it 100%. So yeah, i'll fix tomorrow :P