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Tomorrow, meet Yesterday.
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My name is Marshall, and I make the comic series Yesterdaybound.
I've always loved graphic novels, comics, stories, characters and all things imagined. I've wanted to produce my own comic series since... pretty much forever... so i've kind of just jumped in full tilt.

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Y'know, I think that KATE has a point, even if she's being sarcastic. Hopefully she's not defenseless, otherwise angering her chat partner could be hazardous to her continued operation. ;)

Glad to have you back, Mars!
A pithy page as always!
Imagine having that at home and when you want to work on it, the board starts talking back to you or it is not satisfied with your modification gifts. Tsk.
That’s okay, Mars. I’m just glad you’re all right.
Aaaaand we're back. Sorry as usual for the huge wait :P
But at least we return to tiny Kate being a sarcastic jerk!

Anyways, hope you all like!
Will try not to take AS much time this time 'round before the next update, haha.
Stay safe out there!

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