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Slice-of-life-romance-vamp ire-story. Kinda.
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Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Vampires must hide their existence from humans, so Geir decides not to make friends with them. Soon he starts dating a cheerful human named Teri.

Story focuses on respecting others and valuing yourself.


'Aarrevaara' is made by tiim HaT, a comic duo formed by tardelia and haitchu!

haitchu takes care of uploading the comic to ComicFury, Tapas and Webtoon. :)

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Why Hugo??
Author Note
I think she was right if Sasha struggled already what had he been like emotionaly if his mother wouldn't have been there to stand up for him when he was at his fathers house
What are your thoughts on Petro and Jutta's dedicion to live under same roof as divorced couple?
Author Note
Yeah. I think that in 90' it was okay to teachers be an assholes to students they didn't like. Tho my siblings experienced some shit too, even that it was 2000+ allready! But past is past :P
I am happy to hear you didn't give up and tried many schools regardless how hard it was for you. :) !
Teachers said THAT?! Arg... I would like to see their faces when they get to know they were wrong about you.