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Last update: 23rd Oct 2020, 10:13 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Escaping from the organization he once worked for, an infectious ex-secret operative is hunted down by his former teammates to prevent the further spreading of a mysterious sentient virus seeking to possess and resurrect within a human body to destroy a cosmic object believed to be God.



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Thank you! It means a ton. I am still pursuing and hope to finish the first story arc soon. This is currently a labor of love that I hope can turn into something full-time with the support of fans like yourself, but family and work responsibilities need to take first priority.

I am working behind the scenes creating multiple pages to restart a more steady schedule, so keep checking in. I PROMISE that I am and will continue to keep the story going...and don't forget to subscribe and vote!
Very beautiful artwork. I hope you're still pursuing this. I read your site as often as possible. Stay up, bro! Peace!
Thanks! I'm hoping to show her abilities soon in the upcoming pages.
I'm a patreon on BSP. I love three attributes you gave Carbon. The skin concept is brilliant.
A flashback of 5 years to a troubled Red (what is on his mind?) and his fellow teammates the Horsemen.
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