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A concatenation
Last update: 5th Aug 2017, 1:30 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Worlds collide when two lost men and their manipulative parental figures race to find a fairy secret hidden for centuries. Make a pot of tea and be prepared for an early-Victorian fantasy adventure packed with perilous peculiarities.

Written by H. A. Laurence and Sara E. Alves. Drawn by H. A. Laurence.
Updates Saturdays.
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Thank you, Andrew Redden. If you ever come back to read this, I want to make sure you know that I appreciate your prayers.
I agree; sometimes I do not understand my own motivations, at least not fully. However, I have found recently that I can be overly concerned about my own motives, which one: leads to depression from thinking about my flaws, and two: is still focusing on myself. Better to focus my energies on other people.
I wish I could meet you in person. Given what you say about your motives, I find it odd that you would be willing to pray for some random person on the internet that you don't know directly...
H. A. Laurence
So I am debating on whether to continue this comic.
Everyone who supports me on Patreon I think does so more to support my art than this particular story. My co-author does not really have the time anymore to edit our manuscript into manageable page sized bites. I'm working hard on other paintings and my illustration career.
As readers, what are your thoughts? Should I keep going now or should I give it a rest until my skills have much improved? Or other suggestions?
Author Note
H. A. Laurence
Chapter 4 will begin uploads in July, date to be determined! Depends on when I get enough back-ups of pages made!
H. A. Laurence
Aaaand that's a wrap for chapter 3!
Author Note
Is everyone moving the fairy world now? :O