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Abúi's travels
A provincial faerie travels the multiverse
Last update: 28th Jan 2020, 7:00 AM
Violent Content Frequent Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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The faerie Abúi was raised in a remote faerie village in the Wodeskog, but moved to the city as a young adult. Then she discovered multi-dimensional travel. She never looked back!


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You may want to go back to the beginning, and to Abúi's appearances in Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.
I am confused. She mentions her village her but I though she didn't like being naked until the came to Koala Bares.
I forgot all about that!
I thought Kaza and Gwenna lived in Buranda?
Abui: You know, it's amazing. You are 100% wrong. I mean nothing you've said has been right.