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ACES: Artifact Collection & Extraction Squad
They make sure it stays in Vegas!
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago, 12:29 AM
Number of comics: 7
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Webcomic description

An undead DJ, a Gorgon woman with super strength, and a mutated rooster-man-with-a-plan work for a shadow branch of the FBI dedicated to preventing powered artifacts from falling in the wrong hands... when they're not dealing with tourists, of course.


the name's JAM
20 years old
I'm an artist and the illustrator working on the ACES: Artifact Collection & Extraction Squad.
God bless you :3

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3 days ago
Told ya we would start adhering to a schedule. ;)

And before you ask, I have a LOT of backstory for each of the Main Three, here. For example, how did Frankie and Val meet? Well, it'll be a while before you'll find out, but I hope you'll be interested, soon enough!

For now, have a bit of setup. ;)

Art(C) JAM
The Rest (C) Someone who's already almost 100% done with the CTR remake. >>
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Left on Chapter 1 Page 6
12th Jun 2019
We're alive! Like I mentioned for a while, expect to see new pages for this comic pop up, more often! The more pages I get to show off to you guys, the more stuff will make sense. ;)

Protip: If you're in a gambling mood, and you're betting between who would win between a zombie DJ and a drunk tourist, always bet on the former. There will be plenty of backstory teases throughout this chapter, so I hope it won't be long until we see *everyone*!

Art(C) JAM
The Rest (C) Someone who's been up for almost 24 hours now; I really need to try and sleep soon.
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Left on Chapter 1 Page 5
28th May 2019
Thanks! :D

I'll relay the message to her. : )
Left on Chapter 1 Page 3
24th May 2019
Nice art, Jam!
Left on Chapter 1 Page 3
26th Mar 2019
Sorry this took so long, but I hope this scene will be well-worth the wait!

While you folks have been waiting for this page, I wrote a ton of script! I'm actually a good bit into Chapter 2, at the moment.

Also, here's a fun fact: did you know that I'm the "letterist" for this comic, and TIAFOE? Well, I couldn't really qualify myself as a "letterist" since my knowledge only goes as far as putting dialogue into it, but it's still a bit of a challenge to fit said text into the boxes the artists provide you; for example, this very page had a few lines tweaked to make room for the narration boxes, while I tweaked the dialogue between the drunk tourists and Frankie to be a bit more.... personalized. Either way, Frankie's not gonna take any crap from 'em, as you'll see, in due time. ;P

Art(C) Jam
The Rest (C) Someone who knows Frankie's pain (specifically, when I was around 8, I went to Tijuana for the first time, and I worse this tie-dye Pikachu shirt, and a bunch of the grownups there randomly yell "Pokemon Pikachu!" at our family out of the blue, every few minutes or so. XD )...
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Left on Chapter 1 Page 4