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A Dark Road
Some nights are easier than others.
Last update: 19th Jul 2016, 6:56 PM
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The Comic adaptation of a short story written by K.McCarthy. Out in the woods, Fen and Abe are a pair of young men learning how to be gentle to each-other in spite of a difficult history both of them only remember in bits and pieces. Some nights are easier than others...


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XD Oh gosh. Thank you for commenting! There aren't any further plans for me to draw other comics featuring these boys, but it was fun working with return-victorious, their creator! If you'd like more of Fen (showers with clothes on) and Abe (Makes long johns look gooood) specifically, hit up ChildrenofAsgard.tumblr.com and go love on the project! There's a lot of fun drabbles and WIPs from K. McCartney already up.

As for me, I will be putting up -and- making more work unrelated to this project soon. :)
I loved this! :) Would you be expanding anytime soon?