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Last update: 12th Feb 2021, 12:59 AM
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At the precipice of the 22nd century, a massive void that expands by consuming humans has grown to engulf the North American continent. The void sends out massive humanoid creatures called shadows to harvest those who would try to run from it. David is a trainee Rieve pilot, tasked with stopping that which seems inevitable.

Written by Oscar Harley Monks
Art By Adrian Dalen

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no comic today so take various stuff we have made this season. The Sara picture above and this cursed animation the artist did .
Author Note
This would be the perfect time to learn wingsuit flying
Well, assuming we're not following Matrix rules.
Due to an artist malfunction, we have to temporarily make the release schedule one page a week until we properly get our bearings again.
Author Note
holy hell we made it. with a few bumps in the road we have managed to complete a whole chapter. thanks for the ones that stuck with us this far and strap in, because there is still a long road left
- Adrian
Author Note
thanks. I try to find some new approach to each page.