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Last update: 2nd Sep 2016, 6:00 AM
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el pantera
i live deep in the woods in the cascade mountain range, where ghosts and sasquatch roam the darkness and the fishing is really good

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Fucking hilarious
“N4 Zavala comic magazine!”
Hey derek you are here in our magazine!Seehttp://www.zavalacomicmagazine.it/emagazine
bye and thanks for your collaboration.
Good luck with that, I took a look at some of the test videos on your channel. Looks good and it's amazing how a bit of movement suddenly makes the scene jump into 3D
“from Egy”
i appreciate that, thanks. it wasn't easy to leg go of something ive been working on every day for years but i feel like i had to to move forward
Author Note
Your excellent comic will be missed....thanks for all your work.