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A so-called "The Endless War" has begun, when The Empire of North invades Confederation of free Cities in September the forth 319 AC. Our story begins 30 years later when a recruit arrives at the city of Quarria to join elite The Red Scale Squadron and support the war effort...

It's an official star wars-like story begin. The comic story concentrate on events after the end of "The Endless War". When the Enemy becomes an Allays, Former comrades become Enemies and heroes become outcasts and The country starts to rebuild into the new order.


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some females were never meant to be mothers...
Hi, immersing story hats off to you :-)
have you not mirrored the image? there is wrong cyber-hand :-)
"we shall breed at the request of the elder council" is not the best pickup line.

and dem eyes in that votie
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That last panel is superb!