A Game of Roleplay
What if Game of Thrones was played as an RPG?
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What if the hit series Game of Thrones was actually a roleplaying game? This comic uses screenshots from the show to tell that story.

First ~330 comics re-uploaded (first posted 2015-2020), with new to follow (probably)


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And that's a wrap on Chapter 1!

There'll be a short break (one day) and then we'll be straight back in with Chapter 2.
I'm going to trial moving to daily uploads (still at 12pm), to speed through the backlog faster. See you on Saturday for Chapter 2!
Author Note
Remember Geoffrey?

I listen to the Roy Doltrice audiobooks quite often, and he flip flops on character name pronunciations, so I like to imagine the Geoff-Joff twins have been there the whole time.
Author Note
I enjoy that they didn't tell the actor playing Bran what he was actually looking at.
Author Note
Do Dungeon Bosses ever get caught out by their own deathtraps when they get up in the night to pee?
Author Note
That shot of Ned with Luwin and Catelyn as the angel/devil on his shoulder... *Chef's kiss*
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