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This comic is just A Generic Kirby Comic! ...What, is something wrong with that joke?

It features Kirby (and some OCs of course; what's a fan comic without those?) going on all kinds of weird adventures in Dream Land. Well, not only Dream Land, but you get what I mean. They go on weird adventures for you guys to read.

It updates on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If I miss an update, I'll try to upload twice next time. But I usually can't do that.


Hey! I'm Saia, a Kirby fan who reads Kirby comics and writes A Generic Kirby Comic. I'm what some of you call a "Smack Jeeves refugee"; since this place is basically what SJ used to be, I figured there isn't any reason not to move my comic over here. It seems like a pretty nice place.

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Forgio Doppio
I wouldn't be surprised.
Does Meta Knight like sweets?
Magic is a thing other than a Copy Ability in this world - not that we'll ever see that Copy Ability around here unless someone takes its sprites and upscales them to the SSU style. Meta Knight has great control over magic, although we don't know how; and apparently, he plans on teaching Kircta about that too! Nice guy.
Author Note
How is that castle, STILL STANDING?
Well good thing they do have Metaknight as an teacher.