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Agent Dakota
Agents face the forces of hell to protect a planet under constant threats.
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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Planet Xumus is home to a wide assortment of animal and insect humanoids. A prosperous world with thriving inhabitants...which is why it's the biggest target in the Galaxy. Demonic activity constantly plagues the lands and takes innocent lives every day. From anarchist groups, to bloodthirsty demons, to the 9 Rulers of Hell.
An elite trio, known as DECA (Division of Experts in Carnage Assignments) works for the Muriet Agency, a large epicenter of special forces that protect Planet Xumus against demonic threats. Dakota, an exuberant fighter; Cerano, an emotionless sadist; Artier, a bloodthirsty badass. These are the members of one of the highest ranked groups the agency has to offer. Their primary objective is to rid the world from hell's grasp.
However, with constant new threats popping up, the agency must be prepared, or countless people will die.
Enjoy the fast-paced, action-packed story about agents!