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Last update: 25th Oct 2021, 2:37 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Angelology | PG-13 for brief drug use, violence, language |
When the unseen war between heaven and hell finds itself bound to the plane of humans, several kids discover themselves caught in the middle. The angels of heaven and the demons of hell battle for their kingdoms, a revolution that could mean the end of humanity, and when god and the devil decide to take it into their own hands, only chaos can follow.


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In continuation of a joke where hypothetical Bernael's trie form is represented by cats-
Happy New Year!
... how much blessed/cursed vodka would it even take to get one drunk (fallen or not) angel anyways?
There's unspoken "even if I fail to catch you, there are at least some dozen of other angels running around who might".
Wow its been a while since I have read this, and its just as awesome as I remember and congrats for two more kitties.
Hmm, I haven't thought too deeply about the sound of the angels voices except perhaps Metatron, who canonically has a South-African-ish accent. (Why? idk lol) I'd imagine they would sound as androgynous as they look; very light lilting male voices or deeper female voices. Belial would for sure be able to mimic voices too ahaha.