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Secrets have a cost
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When his village is viciously attacked by three mysterious beings, Argo Legend sets out on a journey to find his Father, who disappeared not long after the attack. With the help of his family and newfound friends he meets along the way, Argo will have to dig deeper into his Father’s past and figure out why he disappeared. But the deeper he goes, the more he realizes that secrets have a cost to them, and these secrets have now attracted the attention of a dark shadow organization bent on world destruction.


Hey, I am a big fan of Anime, I'm a master of Dragonball Z, and Naruto. I love to draw and make my own stories and I have some awesome characters.

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Fun Fact: Vince’s design has been tweaked a bit from the previous run through. There was a concept that i used for a main villian that is coming later on in the story that I wanted to use for Vince. This particular concept fits Vince perfectly, and is waaaaaay better for his design and character.
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Fun fact: Mei’s Grandfather, Mr.Simmons, is not a User of Energy. However, he was the Kick boxing champion of the world for a long time when he was in his twenties. Once those Thugs came to town, he started to train Mei in the art of combat to defend herself. Since then, Mei has developed her own unique style.
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Time to understand how the power of this world works, and how enemies gather
Author Note
Fun fact: Argo’s fight against Mack and his friends was changed several times!!
Author Note
Fun Fact: For those who have seen the cover art, That was not Argo’s original color scheme. When coming up with the powers, I knew I wanted to give Argo red as a power (More on that later) but Argo’s clothing was originally supposed to be blue and black, not purple and black. Purple seemed to immediately fit so well, even better than blue so, Purple became his color
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