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Last update: 25th Jul 2020, 5:15 PM
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When a small desert town is disturbed by unusual
wurm activity, the locals suspect foul play.

Jäger and Rino set out to find out who or
what could be the cause. Only to uncover a
past neither of them are ready to confront.


Furry comic artist working on his first big project. Join me on this adventure of mine!

Most recent comments left on Al-Mora

Well here's my first back to work page. Rough schedule to get back into but very pleased I got this out on time!

Was interesting to go back and redraw a character I hadn’t in 15 pages or so. Hope it's consistent!

Slight side note I adore Rino’s face in that fifth panel.
Author Note
I actually had a really good time doing this page, the art funk I was in seems to have quickly passed.

Despite this page probably being a bunch more complex than the last page it got don't in like half the time.

Also Probably one of my favorite pages so far. I'm trying my best to keep experimenting with more varied colours in backgrounds.
Author Note

I don’t know why but this was a helluva page to get out!

A strange form of stage fright I guess.

Seems to have passed now though (I hope…)! Still I'm pleased with how the thing turned out.

Author Note
Hey hey guys!

So this was an interesting page to do. After being furloughed and this page being completed during the first few weeks of the lock down it got finished surprisingly quickly!!!

I'm rather pleased with how it turned out and really excited for where we are headed!
Author Note
I enjoy them but damn are they a pain to draw!