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Comic profile: Alfdis & Gunnora
Alfdis & Gunnora
A tale of lords and lesbians, dwarves and demons, and a true courtly love.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 4:00 AM
Number of comics: 256
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Rating: 5 (40 votes)

Comic description

Prior to that fateful day, the Lady Alfdis and the lowly soldier Gunnora had only seen each other through a window's frame, a silent but beautiful sight. When the first real contact was made, it seemed too good to be true; and perhaps it was. Now, as the dwarf kingdom they call home is under assault, they must race to not only save their people, but also discover how to navigate their fragile new relationship.

Currently updating every Monday and Friday.


Hey! I'm Dedicatedfollower467 aka Def aka Erienne McCray. I'm a comic artist currently studying a Master's degree at the Center for Cartoon Studies. I love fantasy, sci-fi, and lgbtq+ comics. I'm a butchy bisexual woman with a passion for characters and worlds that defy tradition and expectation.

Tumblr: and
Twitter: @def467
Instagram: @dedicatedfollower467

Most recent comments left on Alfdis & Gunnora

Hmm. It looks like the roles are reversed. Gunnora is trying to reach out while Alfdis is being closed off.
Left on Ch 12 Pg 15
kjc (Guest)
Just when I gave up're baaack!
Left on Ch 12 Pg 5
kjc (Guest)
Ahh...the literacy problem rears it's ugly little head.
Left on Ch 12 Pg 13
3 days ago
I see and that makes sense.
Left on Ch 12 Pg 8
You ever have that feeling where like... everyone knows each other and they all have important things to say to each other - and you know the one person you came in with and they're ignoring you right now?

That's Gunnora.
Left on Ch 12 Pg 8