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Almighty Protectors
Superhero adventures across universes. Their next adventure could be anywhere.
Last update: 21st Apr 2021, 7:00 AM
Occasional Frontal Nudity Occasional Strong Language
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Eight people find themselves drawn together to be a superhero team, often journeying to alternate universes. Whether at home or abroad, they do what they can to help where needed. Their next adventure could be anywhere.

Contains LGBT characters.


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It is always a pleasure to see multidimensional pages like this!
Well, the Discord question has obviously been answered, but I'll say with the others: for Johnny, I haven't decided which he is. Maybe a different one. I did specify that Johnny and Jenny by my story are separate entities, so Johnny is no longer a Jenny, and therefore has his own counterparts on various worlds. For Jenny, I kind of liked the idea of hewing close to her original design. Which one she is seems less relevant to me, as any Jenny can have any other Jenny's memories. How about for Johnny and Jenny, it just be assumed these are my incarnations? That way it isn't like I'm continuing someone else's Jenny or Johnny directly.
This was fun! You may be the first person to have pooled all the Shifters like this — certainly we haven't seen much of Johnn Everywhere since his one-panel debut in "The Death of…"! (Is this the same Johnny Everywhere as in that, or a different incarnation? And I notice you drew Jenny very close to the original Wintle sketch… is thi Wintle's Jenny, or just a different incarnation with the same appearance?)

I asked you the same question on Twitter, but on the off-chance I'll repeat it here: would you be interested in joining a Jenny Everywhere Discord sever?
Worth it.
... excuse me, I got an artist to see about an axe...