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Superhero adventures across universes. Their next adventure could be anywhere.
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Occasional Frontal Nudity Occasional Strong Language
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Eight people find themselves drawn together to be a superhero team, often journeying to alternate universes. Whether at home or abroad, they do what they can to help where needed. Their next adventure could be anywhere.

Contains LGBT characters.


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This is the other issue of Karabear Comics Presents Special I did for the 2014 Halloween Cameo Caper. Aside from featuring all of my comics that featured in the previous issue, this one also has characters from Life and Death (Chaos, AKA the guy with his head on fire, created by Joff, found at www.theduckwebcomics.com/Life_and_Death), Victory and the Gingerbread Man Chronicles (Victory and the Gingerbread Man, created by Chris Villanueva, found at victoryadventures.webcomic.ws and gingerbreadmanchronicles.webcomic.ws), Necroomies (Ibdis and Junter, created by Jonathan Reich, found at necroomies.thecomicseries.com), Thomas and Zachary (Thomas and Zachary, created by TheMario360, thomasandzachary.thecomicseries.com), Hey Fox! (Fox and Honey, created by Gabriel Fox, found at www.steamclaw.com/heyfox), Consolers (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, created by Zanreo, found at consolers.cfw.me), Dawn of a New Era V2 (William, created by Videowizard2007, found at www.theduckwebcomics.com/Dawn_of_a_New_Era_V2), and the ones created for the Caper (Mr. Montibar and Shalingalal, created by L.P. Hogan).

There are also some more of my characters here, including an avatar of myself, along with the "mascot" for Karabear Comics (who I should get back to using) called Kara Bear, as well as the character Split from my series the Broken.

Page 8 was drawn by trickstyx of the now-defunct superherouniverse.com (don't know where to find him online). However, I will say that since there was no script and he already provided the art (complete with word balloons), that's the reason it's so wordy--I didn't want to change the font size.

As is mentioned in the beginning of the comic, this one actually started being updated in May of 2015. Luckily, that means the art improves somewhat (unluckily, that doesn't mean it's necessarily good--it's still my art, after all).
Author Note
This issue was part of the 2014 Halloween Cameo Caper. Yes, it predates the first upload of this comic, but that's because I created this issue and the next because I wanted to do something with my characters before I was ready to start their actual comics. In said issue (and the one following), it primarily follows all the heroic characters from the Karabear Comics primary universe (not just the Almighty Protectors, but Defenders of America, Elemental Four, Silveron, and Blue Flame). Luckily, for those you may be unfamiliar with, they're all labelled, and with early logos (which are not the final logos for any of the characters except Whallop). The Halloween Cameo Capers are also, by their name, intended to have cameos (and crossovers), with other comics also participating in the same premise. This means I had two other comics which were involved: Karabear Comics Unlimited, Supertrans, and Wonder Team.

Supertrans is a character I created who is intended to be me with super powers. Karabear Comics Unlimited follows a team of heroes from different universes: Eiderdown (with the ability to control feathers), Fractal (with the ability to make fractal-patterned energy constructs), Astral (able to astral project into a form which has flight, super strength, and invulnerability), Sparkle (super strength and size which increase based on heightened emotions), the Swimmer (able to make the air take the properties of water), and the Runner (a fish-creature who uses gadgets from his undersea civilization). Wonder Team follows a team of heroes who come from the public domain, just tweaked a bit by me: Wonderson (the Fox Features Wonder Man, given super strength and durability from a power ring), Amazona (super strength and fighting prowess), Koi Lusa (originally Black Panther, skilled strategist and fighter), TNT (has an atomic gun and gloves which shoot similar blasts), Marksman (expert marksman), Jaguar Man (cat-like reflexes and balance, super speed of a cheetah), and Electric Ray (his body is an electric dynamo).

This issue also features characters created for the Cameo Caper (namely Mr. Montibar and Shalingalal, created by L.P. Hogan) as well as characters from the Beholder (Captain Evening and the Odds, who can be found at cosmicbeholder.blogspot.com). Also:

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

It should be noted that there are several discrepancies in this issue. First: while I may not be the best artist now, I was even worse then. Also, I hadn't yet come up with Mineral's codename, so he went by Michael, and for some reason I colored the rocky substance he and Multiblades use as an orange color, which sadly makes it look like fire. Also, please note that there are double page spreads which I chopped up to better fit a vertical scroll (since I wasn't going to have these pages update individually for this, as it's not a regular issue--readers on Tapas get a normal-looking issue because of this, though). They aren't done perfectly, but I tried.
Author Note
And that's issue 14! What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments.

I'm glad to be done with this, as it's the last of a spate of issues I wrote before leaving and coming back to them. That can probably be seen in the quality, as I think it's not the greatest. Still, I didn't dislike it enough to get rid of it entirely. After all, the biverse concept is something I'd wanted to introduce, and it will pave the way to even more things I want to do later on.

I also finally intersected the story with that given in Karabear Comics Presents Special. It's not well done, but it's canon. Overall, it's a crossover the entire Karabear Comics universe did (before any of their webcomics started, go figure) as part of the 2014 Halloween Cameo Caper. I'm thinking of possibly having the issues be uploaded to this site, maybe considered a part of this chapter. That way, people don't have to go elsewhere to read it. But it's not likely.

Just note no matter what: at that time, I hadn't figured out a codename for Mineral, and the way I depicted the twins' powers made it kind of look like fire.
Author Note
Maybe a bit of an anticlimax when it comes to the big brawl, but their mission is completed. The machine is destroyed. Also, luckily, it looks like Tempore won't be bothering the Protectors for a while.
Author Note
Oh, hey, nice of you to show your faces, Rearranger and Multiblades. Now, Karl, why didn't you do anything for all of this?

Seriously, I forgot to give him a scene in the fight when I was writing the script and only noticed when I was typing these author comments.
Author Note