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ANNOUNCEMENT 11/11/21: Almost Magical is currently in the process of being REBOOTED
on the webcomic hosting site, LINE Webtoon with early access to the latest updates available on my Patreon.

As of now, you will find my recent works and art updates on Instagram : @chocolatesmooothie.art

LINE Webtoon: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/almost-magical/list?title_no=606556&webtoon-platform-redirect=true

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chocolatesmoothie

Almost Magical is basically a fanfiction spin off of the 2004 Italian Magical Girl series, “Winxclub” (created by Iginio Straffi and Rainbow S.r.l.) which is essentially about a young Earth girl named Bloom who soon discovers she is a fairy and the keeper of the mystical power called the"Dragon's Flame". With five other fairies: Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Layla, they battle against evil and go on adventures around a universe called the Magical Dimension.

This webcomic is my baby and it’s a project I’ve been working on for the past seven years. The story revolves around six girls who mirror the six protagonists of the original series, and their lives as the so- called “Winx Next Generation". They are the children of the six fairy protagonists of Winxclub.

Note: This webcomic has become visible to Comicfury just recently. I think I've developed it enough to be shown to a larger audience outside the Winxclub fandom.

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“Yes congratulations !”
Hi! I’ve been waiting and I was scared that you cancelled your comic but you’re not and I’m so so so happy and excited that you are ! Congratulations on continuing it on Webtoon, I will follow your work and support you ! I’m wishing you the best of luck and thank you for not giving up! ;)
Hi! I'm sorry I didn't make the announcement here clear enough. But I will NOT be creating any more updates here on this website. As of now, all chapters in this platform are considered to be part of the old & discontinued/PILOT comic of Almost Magical.

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Any new comic updates will be part of the recently REBOOTED version of AM which you can access through this link:


Early access to the latest updates of the REBOOTED version are available on my Patreon:


Follow the link to view my most recent artworks and updates on Instagram:


IMPORTANT NOTE: The latest public update on LINE Webtoon was in September 2021. A new comic update will be released this NOVEMBER 18, 2021. (Early Access to this update is currently available on Patreon in the Fairy Tier)
Author Note
Kiko is ADORABLE!!! And Star, she looks so emotional, now, THAT'S what I call character development
Kiko is ADORABLE!!! And Star, she looks so emotional, now, THAT'S what I call character development
Is it wrong that I think Selene is even more self conscious than Ran?