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Last update: 26th Jan 2020, 12:50 PM
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Almost Magical is basically a fanfiction spin off of the 2004 Italian Magical Girl series, “Winxclub” (created by Iginio Straffi and Rainbow S.r.l.) which is essentially about a young Earth girl named Bloom who soon discovers she is a fairy and the keeper of the mystical power called the"Dragon's Flame". With five other fairies: Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Layla, they battle against evil and go on adventures around a universe called the Magical Dimension.

This webcomic is my baby and it’s a project I’ve been working on for the past seven years. The story revolves around six girls who mirror the six protagonists of the original series, and their lives as the so- called “Winx Next Generation". They are the children of the six fairy protagonists of Winxclub.

Note: This webcomic has become visible to Comicfury just recently. I think I've developed it enough to be shown to a larger audience outside the Winxclub fandom.

Most recent comments left on Almost Magical

“Will you be changing the parents of certain characters(Xana)”
Will Xana have Nex as a father rather than Nabu?
“Literally amazing”
I found your comic today and read it all in the matter of like an hour, the story is amazing and the art work is amazing too! I’ve been a fan of Winx Club since I was little and seeing this makes me happy, can’t wait for another update!!!
Hold up. Aren't those Bloom's Ultimix wings???
“Phenomenal ”
I really was just looking at some art on pinterest and fell in love with your art style and since Winx Club was my whole childhood I decided to give this a read and WHAT A READ !!!! I seriously can't wait for an update !!!!
“Love it!! Amazing story!”
I understand you're rebooting the series under webtoons, and I'm absolutely counting the days. I'm already in love with your characters and the story you've established. Though Bloom was my favorite character as a child, it's a bittersweet feeling not having her alive. I absolutely believe the way you've written her is wonderful regardless. I only wondered why none of the main girls would have known Star would be attending Alfea? I'd like to think that as mothers they would want to be supportive of Bloom's children now that she's not there to raise them, of course with their responsibilities and their own children there isn't a lot of time to, I'm sure. Regardless I love your story and I can't wait to read what you recreate them to! Thank you so much!