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Emperor Shaix is dead. His Altarion Empire is collapsing, while ambitious royals fight to replace him. Three girls and a mercenary squad embark on a quest to save the day, but things aren't as simple or clear-cut as they seem, and a new faction is on the rise. War, diplomacy, riots, lost technology, space pirates and a lot of planets and alien civilizations in a Space Opera adventure.


I'm a tattoo artist, comics are my stress-release therapy. My main influences were Jack Vance, Yas and Leiji Matsumoto.

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Would Amneris's non-violent approach work with the rioting Parovians? We'll see. Trouble ahead, anyway.
Author Note
Omg! This is fantastic! And YES I loved The Dragon and George (like, life defining, as I read it because I loved The Flight of Dragons cartoon and the Boris Vallejo covers are my favorite! XD) and had my eye on the Dorsai series, but never read it.

I am so looking forward to checking these out!! Thank you!
I wholeheartedly suggest anything by Jack Vance, he was incredibly good at worldbuilding and describing alien cultures. You could start with the Demon Princes saga, or any of his short stories collections. Sometimes his sci-fi is borderline fantasy, you should appreciate that.
Other books I loved a bit too much: the Dorsai cycle (aka the Childe cycle) by Gordon R. Dickson. The lead character of one of his books, "The Tactics of Mistake", was one of my main inspirations for Jan's personality. I used to read that novel at least once a year.
Heinlein: everyone talks about Starship Troopers, but I really loved Universe (set on a huge colony ship).
Then, if you also like some humour, read the Retief books by Keith Laumer. Interstellar diplomacy with a twist. :D
None surprisingly, I have read some Asimov, but not the others...I have a stupidly long list of books I need to read (to be fair, I think as far as sci-fi goes Phillip K. Dick and Herbert have been my faves. But last year I read Brave New World for the first time...and I am glad I did, but I'm not sure how I feel about it XD). If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
Sure does!