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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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A voice from beyond the veil calls out to a debt-ridden fisherman.

It offers him a chance at a better life. Not an easier one.

Altar of Pine is a story following Alexander, a fisherman in poverty, and his descent into a life of witchcraft.

Inspired by research into historical accounts, folklore, and the creator's personal practices, this comic is intended for audiences 18 years and older. It includes: nudity, sexual content, explicit language, gore, and issues regarding mental health, such as suicide and eating disorders.


Some content involves the use of extremely toxic substances and other harmful actions. The creator is not recommending the use or action of anything in this comic that is dangerous and/or illegal.

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A practitioner of witchcraft who makes comics about witchcraft!

Moved here from Smackjeeves, happy to meet you!

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Thank you! Very glad to be back!
I would say I really love the unpredictability that comes with traditional watercolor, but the issue lately is how long it can take to do and most importantly the ability to work away from home (it's not very practical to carry around a huge scanner between locations, especially overseas where my partner is). So while I do still prefer traditional mediums, at the moment it's more efficient and reliable to use digital
Welcome back! Stoked to see where these guys wander off to

Do you find it easier working with traditional mediums, or digitally? :o Youve said pages are usually a combination of the two, but I'm wondering which bits you like about each
Thank you so much!
Woah, this is super interesting! And I've really enjoyed the effect of all the different mediums/styles you've been using so far. Can't wait to see where it goes :)
We're back just in time for AoP's 3rd birthday!!

Since I've had to return to quarantine again since the last time, there's been a major change that will be starting in future pages. I'm certain I will likely have to return again at some point, so pages have made the switch from being made mostly traditionally to fully digital.
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