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Alvery Nerveaux, agent of WORLDPOL, fights against the forces of EMPRESS, an organization devoted to creating chaos in order to establish a new Napoleonic Empire. What's a secret agent to do when she's more skilled with a D20 than a Walther PPK? Besides throw dice at people, that is. Spying and geekiness, every week!


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The Nerveauxs are an attractive people...until you get to know them. Unless you’re a bit weird yourself, like Saturday.
Yeah OK, now I get at least why Alvery's mom was physically attracted to him...
Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when people did a lot of stupid things. Like now, but with bigger shoulder pads.
Author Note
Nope. Alvery's dad is weird (like father, like daughter), but still quite rational at times.
He’s actually saying sensible things! I hope he’s not an impostor! ;)