Amira & The Nutcracker: The Cursed Maiden
To survive this curse Amira must brave the coming winter or succumb to a slow and painful death
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Amira has lived in the Fairy Realm known as the Kingdom of Dolls for many years now. While she does know she was born on Earth she does not remember much of her former life. This isn't much of a problem though since she is content with her job and lot in life. However, this all changes when a Nutcracker is taken to court before the King of Rats, accused of murdering his wife along with the former human prince and princess. To save this strange doll she is stricken with a terrible curse and that is only the beginning of her problems.


Hey, I'm just a beginner comic maker who's trying to do a webcomic in order to practice so when I do my own original work it will actually be good.

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I never realized that about the original play! Probably because, as you point out, it was glossed over.
You're not being a downer, I wouldn't have written this if I didn't want the topic to be discussed or acknowledged. It's easy to ignore the fact slavery was indeed a thing mentioned in the original Nutcracker, because quite frankly it shows up and is gone just as quickly. But I didn't want to ignore that fact, and that helped guide the direction of the world building. Even though Amira's story takes place long after these events they're still a part of their history, their legacy
Yeah...the ways have to pass...

Again, sorry for being such a downer :( We can all do better. We have a long way to go, but you're right. Things will get better.
A good head albeit very ambitious, I love her character
It is sad it's going on right now, this world is lucky to have had a long longer then us to change and handle the growing pains. Here we haven't reached that point yet, we need to do better, heck I always need to do better.

We'll get there one day though