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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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A deer is raised by wolves, how will he develop psychologically?

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Hi, I'm Corgi. I'm a student at SNHU in cyber security, currently in my senior year. I am also a mother to a hectic three-year-old girl. I'm very shy and sometimes try to avoid conversation. I draw canines a lot, so feel free to check out my artwork on my https://www.deviantart.com/nutty-squirrel

Tips ko-fi.com/squishycorgi

I go by Corgi #15677 on wolvden. I promise I draw better then what my rush comic pages present, lol.

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the posing on this page-
Old page https://sta.sh/01nh72ye41so
Author Note
I love the dynamic poses on this page!
Something's wrong for sure.
This anatomy is so awesome, and the lighting is beautiful! Great job!