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Android Blues
Waking up to nightmare
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Lisa the newly activated android is hunted by everyone


Swedish/Australian artist, been around the world, been around a while, done a bit of a lot of different things, now art lead in small figure production shop

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I had the exact same feeling after a Toronto-to-Saskatoon rail trip many years ago, except I wasn't in a sleeper car.
It's the same feeling as coming ashore after an ocean voyage.
I remember the feeling of the ground moving (after taking a sleeper). I am certain it’s because balance senses in our heads have spent so much time saying that we’re rocking that our brains automatically compensates.

It’s the same as the experiments done with wearing coloured glasses for a few days (including lenses that were half one colour and half another one).
I love that song :)
I wonder how Elvis feels about the song “Yours Truly, 2095” by ELO. Though his android girlfriend is much nicer than the one in the songs lol
lol excellent :)