The Devil of Angel Classroom
A Romance/Comedy/Yuri manga about a girl who accidentally binds herself to a succubus. Read right to left.
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Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations
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A yuri/girl love/comedy/drama about a normal, boring girl named Natsume, who finds it hard to stand out. In the hopes of being popular, she accidentally binds herself to a succubus named Amaranthe.


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Gotta leave SOMETHING to the imagination ;)
Somebody's over dressed.
I would like to take this opportunity to mention that these images are NOT canon. :)

Also, if you mention the spelling of the word "Dilemna", I will spray you with poison!
Author Note
So often the best solutions aren't the ones which get selected.

The other choice I brushed over, Natsume giving Amaranthe a mercy fuck, has become the succubus preference. But this can't be allowed because she would use it to make Natsume her love slave. Which I didn't see before. Before I only saw it as contrary to Natsume's wishes but otherwise benign. Now this is out of the question.

There is still a chance, however. It's dubious it will happen but it's a chance. Succubus is still very hungry/horny. Poodle needs to use that and seduce her. This will also fulfill the "promise mark" as to its dissolution. But also as a temporary diversion. With her hunger sated she may be calmed as to allow her to listen to reason. She must be made to see her plan is to Natsume's harm. It goes against the love which she has just professed.

If not that, then let's hope an angel can talk some sense into her. Or better yet get these two together and give them both a heavy dose of reality. Show them both they're on the wrong path. And how they need each other.
That's quite the 180 for Ama, I always figured she didn't really have an agenda of her own but maybe I was wrong... or perhaps all these sudden feelings are messing her up?