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The adventures of a hamster girl in a world that's stranger than it first appears.
There will be ninja.
Updates Wednesdays.


I enjoy telling stories. Usually about talking animals. Sometimes there's ninja involved.

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oh snap here we go!
Indeed. And they know it. :D
Lucas the Doctor
I don't know, they ALL look sus to me!
Happy Thanksgiving week! (In the U.S.)

In a normal year, Thanksgiving is the only day that I eat turkey that's not deli-sliced and smooshed between two pieces of bread and a slice of cheese.

This year we aren't getting together with family because... well... 2020. So not enough people in the house to justify cooking a whole turkey. We might do something smaller, like a chicken.

Or maybe... anyone know any good duck recipes?
Author Note
Officer Alirrojo is a red-winged blackbird. (Bird guide link if anyone's curious to know more >> https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Red-winged_Blackbird)

Officer Sanderson is... a generic lizard. (I need to step up my game on lizard species identification.)
Author Note