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Akoya was raised in a facility that houses anomalies all of her life. All she's ever known was her father. One day, tragedy strikes as the anomalies break free and begin to kill everyone around her. She must fight her way through entities while trying to uncover why the breach happened, and the secrets of her past.


I am a video game designer and artist who is 36 years old. I've been making comics for a while, and making video games for a couple of years. I hope you enjoy all that I post here.

Most of my works have to deal with introspection on the human condition and the darkness of the human mind. I mainly write horror and romance, but I have a few works that are a good mixture of things.

It doesn't have anything on it yet, but it'll be home to my updates and various other stuff.

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Oh wow
I'm really proud of the way this turned out! I worked for hours on it getting it to look like this.

There is more to come, but it more than likely will come at a slow rate. If you don't mind it, feel free to sub! When I get some of my other comics done, then I'll work on it more often!
Author Note
Just a little warnings list before I post anything on this series.

I actually want to work on it, but I am already updating so many of my other comics. I'm not sure if I want to start anything just yet.

Feel free to sub ahead of time if you're interested!
Author Note
This comic is still in the works. I just wanted to upload my cover and get all of my info in order for when I start working on it.

More than likely, I'll start working on it sometime next year.
Author Note