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Last update: 4th Aug 2020, 9:07 AM

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Whatever you think you know about the universe, is probably wrong.
I am going to challenge many accepted notions and theories, while providing a coherent whole to replace them.

I have postponed writing this for years, and until relatively recently (around 2 years ago) I was not considering to ever do so.
I have known for decades some of what I will post here, while some came progressively together over the years, until I finally reached in a clear, complete, and coherent picture.

It will take me a while to write everything down in proper order, explained as clearly as I can; at least several weeks, partly due to the amount of informations to organize, and partly due to poor health.

Please bear with me until this is finished; until then I will not answer any related question, since every question I can think about will be answered here, in due course.
All pages will then become available for download as PDF documents.

I will update this introduction once I am done.