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Might not like us now, but you will!
Last update: 3rd Nov 2015, 3:28 PM
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Antcomics is a comic about everyone's favorite pirate themed 80s band! Adam is the fearless leader of the Ants, who manage to get themselves into all kinds of predicaments. His Four Men are Terry Lee, a hyperactive, crazy drummer who eats way too much candy; Merrick, the more subdued second percussionist, who is more dry and sarcastic; Gary, the anal retentive bassist who does all the cooking and cleaning, and Marco, Adam's best friend and cohort who plays a mean lead guitar and loves his food.


I've been drawing cartoons all my life. I finally started posting comics online with a webcomic in 2007, called Antcomics. Shortly after came another series in 08 called The Compozerz. I will likely be posting more stuff in the future, including a comic I started back in 1998 and am still working on as I get time to. I dig slapstick humor, and just downright silliness. I like light-hearted, fun stories and a little adventure thrown in doesn't hurt either.

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Heh, that's fantastic. Long live Peter Criss! XD
Yay Kiss! errrr...
wait... xD

Yes, with images like this, I always go like that - Yay X, errr wait.
And nice bonus too, always fun to compare how two different artists draw the same thing :D
Here's a comic "from the vault" that I had not posted here for some reason, but it's a Halloween piece (a little late, but better late than never!).

The Ants as KISS. And as a bonus, here is a remix a comic buddy of mine did over at DrunkDuck: http://hcnoel.deviantart.com/art/KissANTs-Remix-73440748
Author Note
Yes! Maybe I've seen it before and that's where the idea came from...
@Banes: Actually I should post the Ants as KISS that I drew once. I thought I had posted that here. It was a Halloween toon. :)