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Jedediah Spottswood is on the run! Whether it's from the Law, the Supernatural, or his own self, it's a run to freedom for Jedediah and his motley crew!


Joshua Humphries
Not altogether unlike my main character, Jedediah Spottswood, I am an actual descendant of the Black Spottswood line. Half-country half-city, you can't judge a comic book by It's cover.
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Yes, indeed. I always recall Malcolm X's analogy when Master was sick, as his servant fronts concern, and asks whether "we sick" or not. 500 year fever dream.
Firefly Jelly
A great page. It speaks volumes to the attitudes of the day, of the air of complete cocksure societal control, that he is willing to say those things as the target of his abuse holds a razor to his neck. An entire oppressive culture summed up in two panels.
That is a bold little kitty that climbed to the top of the sign!
A dang good idea!
I like this page! Wish I could rate it a 5.