AntiBunny: The Gritty City Stories
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Last update: 30th Apr 2023, 12:00 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Lagosapiens. In the noir-esque Gritty City, these talking rabbits struggle to find their place in a human world. The gender ambiguous Pooky Bunny chain smokes away the hallucinations to solve mysteries, yet the biggest one is who were they in the past. Penelope seeks solutions to bigger problems in society. Nailbat channels his pent up rage into superheroing. Together their stories weave through the dirt and grime of this world forming a tapestry in grays.


I'm a life long artist, and I've been creating webcomics for 20 years.

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It's times like these that I recall a plot rule established early on. In order to see supernatural things requires the right "equipment", the right "antennae". Doesn't mean they know everything supernatural, just that they can see it.
Thanks for reading. Surely there is more in the works.
Thanks for reading Book 2 of AntiBunny: The Gritty City Stories. Book 3 is in the works. Did you like what you read? Rate it, comment below, and share it with a friend.

Book 2 was a tough one to create. While Book 1 meandered about while I found myself artistically, Book 2 demanded a lot more focus. I'm happy with the way it came out, and the visual improvements that came with it. The Summer in the City arc is over. In the future, it's time for a road trip. Look forward to Book 3: Coast
to Coast.
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“Awesome conclusion”
Hope to see more soon dude :)
That crowd scene made this page take far longer than it should have. Can you spot a couple of cameos in the crowd?
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